Clay and the Camellia

Puerh, Yixing and Porcelain

We celebrate the time honoured cultures and traditions of tea with a specially curated collection of Puerh, Yixing and Porcelain exploring the rituals and interaction these materials create for the perfect tea drinking experience.
Yixing // Zi Sha Clay Teapots
Yixing teapots are revered as the best teapot in the world & are at the heart of Gong Fu Cha for their ability to enhance flavours, aromas & overall experience of the teas brewed.
Yixing or Zhi Sha (Purple Sand) Teapots are mineral rich, highfired stoneware handmade from the specific clays found in the Lake Tai area of Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China.
Master Gao & Master Xu's Studio was founded in 2000, with a combined experience of more than 70 years refining clay ore & skilfully handcrafting the teapots exclusively using the original Yixing purple clay from Huanglong Mountain.
Porcelain is considered ideal for tea drinking, due to it being an inert, non porous material with a smooth and strong yet thin surface, achieving a delicate clean taste, fine aroma and beautiful appearance.
With a long and rich history, Porcelain became a very important export for ancient China alongside the rise in popularity of tea drinking during the Tang Dynasty.
Anja’s work leans into the organic creative process celebrating the energy and movement within these simplistic forms, creating works of understated beauty and effortless elegance.
The most complex of tea types, Puerh is the most renowed of all Dark teas being exclusive to China’s Yunnan Province. Sheng Puerh is processed like Green tea before being post-fermented by microbes naturally present in the tea leaves then slowly aged over several years.
Our Gushu Bai Ying Shan is a perfect tea pairing both with Yixing & Porcelain vessels, brewing Gong fu style, several infusions will reveal the many complexities of flavour within this ancient tree tea. Smooth fruit flavours, earthy notes, bold woodland aromas, rich mouthfeel and lasting taste.
The porous attributes of Yixing with its ability to absorb the tea oils during brewing, deepens flavours and aromas together with the non porous porcelain vessels presenting a fine, clean taste enhancing and maximising your tea experience.