Tea Time Poetry

Summer Teas, Stoneware Vessels, Wooden Tea Tools and Illustration

We celebrate the Summer and the bright, positive feeling that it brings with a specially curated collection of Summer teas, Stoneware vessels, Tea tools and Illustration from skilled makers and creatives, creating work of true beauty and careful consideration to enhance, embellish & elevate your summer tea sessions.
Stoneware Vessels
Showcasing exquisite stoneware Shiboridashi, Chawan & Teapots by Karina Klages
Karina is based in Lower Saxony. Her works are based on the symbiosis of perfection and imperfection of nature, inspired by classic Japanese teaware forms, created with the aesthetics and spirit of wabi sabi flowing through them, celebrating the balance, depth and subtle beauty that these ideals encapsulate. Her process is one of total creative absorption and connection to the medium, experiencing and embracing the creative process with the spontaneous energy and freedom of form that reveals itself, ever searching for beauty, aesthetic satisfaction and functionality
Wooden Tea Tools
Showcasing stunning spoons by Takahashi McGil and
unique spoons, scoops and tea needles by Rosie Brewer
Takahashi McGil are a collaborative duo, working with a variety of local and sustainable hardwoods from their boutique size studio in Cockington, Devon, they create functional homewares of a highly refined quality and upmost artistic beauty, their attention to detail and consideration is most evident, skilfully crafting each sculptural form with precision to embrace the woods unique growth pattern and natural grain, they work together on each piece, bringing together both traditional Japanese and Western techniques.
Rosie is a Devon based designer-maker working with a variety of local and sustainable hardwoods specialising in unique wooden kitchenware. The pieces she creates are thoughtfully considered, minimalistic and sleek, 'taming the wildwood' for modern lives.
Showcasing the joyous illustrative work of Marie Yae
Marie Yae is an illustrator and artist based in Paris. Marie's work is a colourful imagining of the world around her, creating primarily blue brush and ink images that radiate positive energy. Encapsulating a rawness of creative spirit through bold, freehand flowing lines and visual designs communicate a humorous, playful approach.
Summer Teas
We’re very pleased to bring you a fresh selection of Green Teas to enjoy this Summer season. From early spring and summer harvests, showcasing a wide variety of processing styles achieving many beautiful and unique finished leaf forms, fresh, grassy, or sweet, floral aromas and bright and vibrant or delicate, mellow flavours.
Including a new Premium Organic Matcha that has a bright, invigorating sharpness and lasting umami and the famed Yellow Tea, Junshan Yin Zhen (Silver Needle). Delicate downy buds with a beautifully smooth corn like sweetness and rich mouthfeel.
Perfect Tea pairings to refresh and revitalise you, and enjoy in the summer sunshine, together with a very fine collection of complementary teawares to enhance your tea drinking experience.