Ancient Tree Lincang, Shou Puerh 2019
Ancient Tree Lincang, Shou Puerh 2019
Ancient Tree Lincang, Shou Puerh 2019

Ancient Tree Lincang, Shou Puerh 2019

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Lincang Shou Puerh // 2019
Shou Puerh
From Lincang, Southwest Yunnan Province, China.

25g Sample or 200g Cake

This tea is organically grown!

A tightly pressed shou of large coarse leaf material, forming a combination of earth brown and golden tan tones with even distribution of golden buds giving sweet rounded aromas of earth, camphor and moss. The damp leaves give a rounded, earthy, forest floor woodiness but also super sweetness to the aromas. A leather brown, deep red tea soup with high clarity giving a smooth, clean and mellow taste with delicate woody notes, light fruitiness and subtle sweetness.

Cultivated by Thai peoples from ancient large leaved tea species. Harvested in Autumn’19 then carefully and skilfully processed in the same season following the traditional methods of piling techniques creating a quality finished tea, that’s rich in probiotics, the only tea type to be so. Now aged 3 years with deep developed shou character.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 teaspoon (3-4g)
Water 90*c // 300ml
Time 2 minutes
Re-infuse leaves to your personal taste
Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style:
Tea 3 teaspoons (8g of tea)
Water/Temp 100ml / 85*c
Brew time 1st a quick rinse of leaves, pour away, 15-20 seconds + for infusions thereafter
Re-infuse leaves to taste 4 - 6 times

If purchasing a tea cake, Preparation:
With care, prise the cake apart using a sharp knife or pick. Gently prise the required amount of leaves from the cake, taking care not the break the leaves. Then separate into loose leaves, and you're ready to brew.

Ancient Tree Lincang, Shou Puerh 2019