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Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot

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Glass Teapot

Approximate measurements: 13cm height x 16cm width 1100ml capacity.

A modern form with a wide base, short spout and cork lid, these are simple and compact, holding around 1100ml or 3 - 4 cups making them ideal serving tea for two. A stylish teapot with the ease of use that’s an excellent choice for everyday brewing.

With these glass teapots you can really appreciate the full colour of the tea soup and enjoy the full visual display of flowering teas. A glass teapot can be a great choice when brewing teas that require a lower water temperature, for purity and clarity of taste.

High Borosilicate Glass
Lead free, BPA free,
Resistant to thermal shock and chemical corrosion,
Dishwasher safe, Microwave Safe, Refrigerator safe above -20ºc. (excluding cork lid)

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