Green Snail, Bi Luo Chun
Green Snail, Bi Luo Chun
Green Snail, Bi Luo Chun

Green Snail, Bi Luo Chun

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Green Snail // Bi Luo Chun // Pre Qing Ming // 2021
Green Tea
From Nan keng village, Zhen qian town, Zheng he County, Fujian Province, China.

25g Caddy
Zero Waste Refill (in store collection only at present)

This tea is organically grown!

A very fine and fresh Fujian Green, the taste of Spring ~ a beautiful tea with large gently curled and twisted leaves, bright with a canopy of green tones. Amazingly fresh and soft vegetal aromas, a very clean and bright infusion with a thick, yet mellow tea soup. After brewing the wet leaves are very bright lush green and immensely fragrant. Super fresh tasting with soft vegetal touches and a sweetness to the flavour, that lasts through many infusions. This is truly an excellent tea!

Harvested pre Qing Ming from the Da Bai (Big White) Cultivar using one bud and one leaf picking style in early Spring '21 by the Chen Family. Following traditional techniques, carefully and skilfully processed, hand rolled leaves.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)
Water 80ºc
Brew time 1-2 minutes
Reinfuse leaves 2 / 3 times to personal taste.

Green Snail, Bi Luo Chun