Imperial Matcha

Imperial Matcha


Imperial Matcha / / Ceremonial Grade

Powdered Green Tea

From Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan.

40g Tin

This tea is organically grown! 

This is a ceremonial grade Matcha, that offers a bright green colour with an intense, velvety-smooth, with slightly sweetish, creamy notes.

Made from Tencha leaves, carefully selected and picked by hand, being gently steamed over a water bath, dried and ground into a fine powder in granite stone mills.


Brew Guide

For Usucha (thin tea)

Tea - 2 Chashaku scoops

Water/Temp 50ml / 75*c

Whisk slowly until smooth in a 'w' motion

Add more water to taste.


For Koicha (thick tea)

Tea - 3-4  Chashaku scoops to taste

Water/Temp 25ml / 85*c

Whisk in a 'u' motion

Add 25ml more water and whisk in a circular motion.


Also tastes great shaken as a cold brew!