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Iron Black Kyūsu by Popalini & Jezando

Iron Black Kyūsu by Popalini & Jezando

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Iron Black Kyūsu by Popalini & Jezando
Hand Thrown in Devon
Approximate measurements: 9cm height x 11cm width. 400ml

We’re very excited to receive some Kyūsu from Pop & Jez, they’re truly magnificent in their craftsmanship, skilfully formed with balance of weight, proportion and aesthetic beauty.

Created from Cornish clay with a round globe body makes for a great size to hold and decent capacity. A beautifully refined vessel, from its very skilled lid, subtly domed with a tall finial, compact tapered spout, to its natural ergonomic handle, providing a graceful pouring experience.

The tactile surface has an iron wash coating creating a bold and striking appearance with energetic purple tone brush strokes sitting against weighty gunmetal greys, set off by an amazing metallic shine. Inside the pot, complementing speckled tones of earthy green ash, making this vessel full of satisfying elemental qualities.

This Kyūsu is a unique interpretation of a Yokode Kyūsu, which is a traditional Japanese side handle teapot. This style of teapot encourages a small and graceful movement of the wrist when serving.

We absolutely love the approachable nature and ease in functionality of Kyūsu when choosing a brewing vessel.

Popalini & Jezando are a collaborative creative force, with a studio on the Devon/Cornwall border, North Devon. Creating functional hand thrown stoneware pieces that are both contemporary yet steeped in ancient traditions of the area.

One off piece. Handwash recommended.

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