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Iron Black Matcha Pot by Popalini & Jezando

Iron Black Matcha Pot by Popalini & Jezando

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Iron Black Matcha Pot by Popalini & Jezando
Hand Thrown in Devon
Approximate measuements: 9cm height x diameter at opening 5cm, diameter at middle 8.5cm. 150ml.

A very unique Matcha pot with an unusual truncated ovoid form, super comfortable hold, shaped to fit your hands perfectly. An element of kurinuki forming has been sculpted by way of angular cuts in the clay to great effect. Finished with a flat top, deep walled lid. Created with care and consideration.

Crafted from Cornish clay with an iron black glaze, that’s been wood fired with soda. The bold, dark iron wash creates a sense of weight and substance to the vessel whilst giving it amazing deep blue and purple rusty tones creating a metallic like surface and soft satin shine.

Popalini & Jezando are a collaborative creative force, with a studio on the Devon/Cornwall border, North Devon. Creating functional hand thrown stoneware pieces that are both contemporary yet steeped in ancient traditions of the area.

One off piece. Handwash recommended.

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