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Iron Black Teapot + Kintsugi by Popalini & Jezando

Iron Black Teapot + Kintsugi by Popalini & Jezando

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Iron Black Teapot + Kintsugi by Popalini & Jezando
Hand Thrown in Devon
Approximate measurements: 7.5cm height (13cm incl. handle) x 13cm width. 330ml

An exquisite teapot, boasting a refined and very unique form complemented by a sculptural hand formed brass handle. Skilfully crafted with great care and attention to detail, beautifully balanced proportions, a lightweight quality and graceful pour.  

The form is similar to a traditional He Huan style teapot which represents two cymbals placed together, one symbolising harmony and the other, joy.

The tactile surface has an iron wash coating creating a bold and striking appearance with energetic purple tone brush strokes sitting against weighty gunmetal greys, set off by an amazing metallic shine. Inside the pot, complementing speckled tones of earthy green ash, making this vessel full of satisfying elemental qualities.

The lip of the pot has had minor embellishment with a Kintsugi repair using 24 carat gold, creating a beautiful contrast against the dark tones of the surface.

Smaller in capacity than their previous teapots we’ve received before, which is so nice as it makes for a rather indulgent one cup teapot to elevate your individual tea rituals.

Popalini & Jezando are a collaborative creative force, with a studio on the Devon/Cornwall border, North Devon. Creating functional hand thrown stoneware pieces that are both contemporary yet steeped in ancient traditions of the area.

One off piece. Handwash recommended.

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