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Jun De Golden Yixing Teapot by Masters Gao & Xu's Studio

Jun De Golden Yixing Teapot by Masters Gao & Xu's Studio

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Jun De Golden Yixing Teapot // By Masters Gao & Xu's Studio
Fully Hand Made in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Approximate measurements:  6.5cm x 6cm x 8.5cm 110ml. Single hole spout.

Exquisite quality and graceful elegance, with highly experienced skilled craftsmanship and quality original material comes this fully handmade teapot. Clean lines and rhythmical flowing form creating this classic style of Yixing teapot. A style which is believed to have been first designed by the ancient Master Chang, Jun De. Made from the ever popular Zhuni clay, vermillion in tone, both brilliant red and scarlet with finer particulates and a lustrous surface. Great attention has been made to show the finer subtleties of this teapot, the smooth high profile pear shape, the mushroom shaped button atop the domed lid, the curved flowing mouth of the spout and the speckled golden embellishments. Together with excellent proportions, even weight and balance with a clear and smooth pouring control.

Zhuni clay has a great porous quality with tiny granular corrugations on the surface, it is intended to, in time, absorb the flavours and aromas from the oils of the tea to further enhance your tea drinking experience. Likewise, in time the outer surface may take on a desirable patina and a subtle shine. For this reason it is often thought to be good practice to brew one type of tea in Yixing teapot. Teas we would recommend for this pot, brewed in a gong fu style matter would be either Wuyi Rock Oolong, Dan Cong Oolong or perhaps rolled Oolongs such as Iron Goddess of Mercy. Be sure to warm the teapot with around 50ºc warm water before brewing with hotter water as Zhuni clay is particularly sensitive to temperature changes.

Master Gao & Master Xu's Studio was founded in 2000, with a combined experience of more 70 years experience of refining, preparing the clay and skilfully crafting these teapots. Their practice exclusively uses the original Yixing purple clay from Huanglong Mountain and continue to refine and prepare the clay ore material through natural time honoured methods.

All our Yixing teapots come with certificates issued by each artist.


Initial Preparation & Care:

Before the first use be sure to rinse your new teapot all over and around throughly with filtered water only, do this several times, then pour just below the boil temperature water into the teapot and rest for 15 minutes. This is referred to as opening the pot. After which your teapot is all ready to go.

Before brewing tea, be sure to warm the teapot with around 50ºc water to prepare the clay, filling the pot and pouring the water over the pot and lid. Then pour away, then give your tea leaves an initial wash to 'awaken' them, opening up ready for brewing, and pour this wash away, then all is ready to brew.

To clean after your tea session, empty all wet leaf from the teapot and rinse with water only, leave the teapot to air dry with the lid removed, dry with a soft towel if required. Remember to wash water only, never with soaps or any other cleaners as the teapot will absorb any chemicals and can taint the teapot. Treat your teapot with the upmost care and you shall be rewarded for years to come.

Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style:
Tea 6-8g
Water per 100ml
Temp 85-90ºc
Time 10-20 seconds, increasing with each infusion, adjust to personal taste.


Brew Guide For Gong Fu Style
Tea 7-9g
Water/Temp 100ml / 85ºc
Brew time 1st a quick rinse of leaves, pour away, 15-20 seconds + for infusions thereafter
Reinfuse leaves to taste 4 - 6 times +

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