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Kaki Chawan (1) by Charlie Collier

Kaki Chawan (1) by Charlie Collier

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Kaki Chawan (1) by Charlie Collier
Hand Thrown in Devon
Approximate measuements: 7cm height x 15cm width

A beautifully and skilfully formed stoneware Chawan made with Cornish clay, wood fired with an iron rich Kaki (Persimmon) glaze giving deep earthy wood tones and flecks of deep cherry colouration, blackened smokiness and rich purple hues. This interpretative lower, wider Chawan form has a casual and simplistic energy. Well balanced in weight and proportion.

Charlie Collier creates functional hand thrown stoneware pieces that have an effortless simplicity and beauty to them made to enhance occasions and enrich our daily lives. Admiring the philosophy, that pots are ‘born, not made’ Charlie follows an organic approach to the creative process with the clay, paying particular detail to shape and form and instinctively knowing at which point a form is complete. He creates pieces that have a honest connection, energy and real character to them, something that you only feel with a handmade item.

Previously honing his skills and experience at Whichford Pottery and alongside its founder, Jim Keeling and a group of Japanese potters from Bizen, to build and fire with a Anagama woodfiring Kiln at Wytham Woods in Oxford. Charlie is now based at the Kigbeare Kiln Project near Okehampton, Devon.

One off piece. Handwash recommended.

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