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Moon Teapot by John Mackenzie

Moon Teapot by John Mackenzie

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Moon Teapot by John Mackenzie
Hand Thrown & Woodfired in Cornwall

Approximate Measurements: 13cm height (23cm incl. handle) x 16.5cm diameter (17.5cm incl. spout). 1.4l capacity. capacity.
The Moon Teapot 
is pictured to show the variations on each side.

We have dubbed this teapot, a ‘Moon’ teapot as it's reminiscent of a moon jar, beautifully grand and skilfully formed from porcelain with areas of natural ash and areas left raw clay with a celadon interior.

Earthy browns and speckled greys combine with a smooth deep blue sweep and marine tones of celadon from the interior displaying glassy crackles and a soft shine. With subtle free formed, wabi sabi details, this teapot is full of character and textural qualities enriched by subtle marks and rustic tactile grains. A balanced form, complemented by a carved lid, hand wound natural arched handle and fine spout, pouring perfectly. Satisfying generous capacity.

An appearance and feeling that can only be achieved by the magic of wood firing. The spontaneity of flame, smoke and ash and a playful combination of glaze, slip and natural clay together create these most unique effects.

Capturing a strong connection to the natural environment and the elements with a striking presence that really resonates with us.

Previously studying under Kyra Cane, Christie Brown, Mo Jupp and Steve Buck. Sparking an enthusiasm for wood firing techniques along with kiln building, having now built several kilns enabling John to experiment extensively with this unique process.

John is based in the far reaches of Cornwall firing with his recently built 100 cubic foot Anagama kiln. Developing his own glazes, clays and slips especially suited to explore the full interaction that occurs with wood ash and flame, in such an extreme environment and prolonged process. Intentionally including found material to enrich the colour, textural interest, or effect. Producing work that conveys the rugged Cornish surroundings and celebrates the elemental nature of the process.

Artist Portraits by Jack Worpole | @Jack.Worpole
Handwash recommended.

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