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Mug by Bob Andrew

Mug by Bob Andrew

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Mug by Bob Andrew
Hand Thrown in Devon
Approximate measurements: 7cm height x 8.5cm width (incl.handle 12cm) 250 - 300ml.

We have a selection of stunning mugs from Bob, skilfully crafted using Cornish stoneware clay with a variety of slips, creating very unique and complex effects and combinations of tone and texture. Very functional size and proportions.

1 ~ Great size and proportion, comfortable to hold and wrap around your hand. Smooth handle and tactile orange peel texture, contrasting flashes of green inside with glassy crackle details.

2 ~ A satisfying deep tan red tone with a stripe of soda contrasting beautifully. A pleasant soft granular texture holding nicely in the hand.

3 ~ A larger size mug than the others, with rich iron black tones and hints of cobalt within the soda together with stone greys and fine crackle balancing the surface tones. Very tactile with a rougher granular texture.

4 ~ This mug has caught the soda nicely creating a green grey crackle with a mottled copper shine around the handle. Really enjoying the complex details on the surface.

5 ~ An excellent appearance and feel. Beautiful patterns from the soda blending with bright toasty yellow slip with the blue grey interior contrasting perfectly, Having a smooth surface it's a delight to hold.

6 ~ Full of classic retro tones. Across the smooth surface, a bold diagonal contrast of burnt orange and greenish greys with a unique caramel tone inside. Wonderful to hold and use.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

Bob Andrew is a South Devon based avocational potter. Working with clay since 2017, having studied with and worked alongside fellow Devon ceramicist ~ Cliff Ellis. Bob creates functional hand thrown stoneware pieces from his hand built kiln. Producing skilfully crafted work, full of unique intricate details and rustic charm.

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