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Phoenix Hong Cha Coins

Phoenix Hong Cha Coins

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Phoenix Hong Cha Coins // Fenghuang Hong Cha Qián
Compressed Red/Black Tea
From Fenghuang Mountain, Wu Dong Village, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China.

50g Tin
Low Waste Refill (compostable bag) with discount code: REFILL

This tea is organically grown!

Tightly pressed coins or miniture tea cakes, revealing coarse leaves that are glossy, thick and high quality with deep bluish black hues. The damp leaves giving full honey orchid aromas, deep fruit and woody fragrances, the tea soup is rich deep red tones with great clarity tasting extremely fruity, smooth woodiness and clean mouthfeel with a floral sweetness and from rich, deep malts comes a honey sweetness that is long lasting and full in the mouth.

Harvested in early Spring, at approximately 400m elevation, picking 2-3 half matured leaves from the wild variety tea bushes of Phoenix Mountain more than 60 years old, lightly roasted and charcoal baked using the most traditional processes by Tea Master Song Lin & family.

Brew Guide - Gong Fu Style:
Tea 1 Coin
Water per 100ml
At 95*c.
Time 20 seconds, increase brew time on subsequent infusions.

recommended but adjust to personal taste.

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