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Shino Gaiwan (1) by Popalini & Jezando

Shino Gaiwan (1) by Popalini & Jezando

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Shino Gaiwan (1) by Popalini & Jezando

Hand Thrown in Devon

Gaiwan 8.5cm height x 10.5cm width 180ml

(Tea Bowls and Jug available separately)

This stunningly simplistic Gaiwan is absolutely beautiful, a combination of finer and subtle details creating an unstated visually striking vessel with great functionality. Similar in style to a Japanese Shiboridashi or ‘easy’ Gaiwan, shaped with a flowing elegance to the form crafted from Cornish clay with a Shino glaze.

Stone greys and pale blues blend with a subtle peachy orange toasting towards the edges and at the base of the vessel, all together showing a very fine smooth crackle glassiness with even speckled flecks and glossy shine. The finely formed foot and the underside of the lid complementing in contrast with a metallic copper tone and granular texture. Holding comfortably in the hand with great proportion, balance and pouring action. Recommended for brewing Green teas, matching the light and delicate feeling of the vessels.

Popalini & Jezando are a collaborative creative force, with a studio on the Devon/Cornwall border, North Devon. Creating functional hand thrown stoneware pieces that are both contemporary yet steeped in ancient traditions of the area.

Handmade and unique, Handwash recommended.

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