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Small Jug by Jacob Bodilly

Small Jug by Jacob Bodilly

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Small Jug // by Jacob Bodilly

Hand Thrown in Devon

Approximate measurements: 6cm width x 7cm height. 200ml to brim.

A beautifully formed pourer, carefully and skilfully made, with a flowing curve to the piece fitting the hand perfectly and rounded lip with a neat spout. Stoneware in a celadon glaze. Giving glimpses of subtle blue and pale green hues with an even speckle and fine crackle within the glaze. Recomended as a Gong Dao Bei or Fairness Jug for balancing tea infusions, good for use at 85ºc temperature with the fine crackle becoming more pronounced with use.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

Jacob has been working in Ceramics for over 12 years with previous residences spent at Leach Pottery and Boscean Pottery in Cornwall. Estabilishing his personal studio based in the peaceful, secluded countryside near the Devon Somerset border since 2014. From there, he creates highly skilled pieces with the upmost care and dedication to the craft. Drawing from traditional Asian styles, methods and philosphy. Also informed by his personal love of Puerh, Oolong and Dark teas. Working with selected local clays and creating unique glazes often celadon and also on occasion, porcelain. All culminating in the realisation of some very fine contemporary teawares striving for a timeless beauty.

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