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Tales of the Tea Trade By Michelle and Rob Comins

Tales of the Tea Trade By Michelle and Rob Comins

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Tales of the Tea Trade // The secret to sourcing and enjoying the world's favourite drink // By Michelle & Rob Comins

208 pages, hardback.
130 photographs, 10 illustrations and maps.
Approximate measurements: 16cm x 24cm x 3cm

This is a great tea book! We throughly enjoyed reading our own copy, it is a rarely found and truly insightful read into the world of tea travel and sourcing through the direct words of tea producers, farmers and the personal experiences of Michelle & Rob themselves.

Written by Michelle & Rob Comins who are not only the authors of this ace tea book but also fellow fine tea merchants, just a stones throw away in Bath, so if you're ever up that way and in need of a decent cup of tea, pop in and say Hi!


Tales of the Tea Trade looks at the world of tea from a completely new perspective. Taking the reader on a fascinating journey directly into the lives of those who plant, pluck and process tea; going beyond the standard story of leaf to cup; this book offers readers a unique first-hand insight into the culture, ceremony, opportunities and threats surrounding an ancient art. Closer to home, Michelle and Rob Comins offer their perspectives on how Eastern tea rituals can find a place in our increasingly busy Western lives.

Beyond this, the book explores the key ingredients that separate a 'good' from a 'great' tea, covers ethical sourcing and shows how readers can translate and recreate tea ceremonies at home. Chapters include The Story of Tea, The Tea Plant, The Main Types of Tea, The International Tea Industry, Tea and Health and Time for Tea. This book stands alone in addressing tea from multiple expert perspectives, from tea farmers to ceramicists.

Through sharing the stories and insights others have shared with them Michelle and Rob Comins hope to connect the reader with the world of tea and excite them to think of and buy tea in much the same way they do coffee and fine wine, making loose leaf tea a simple, everyday pleasure.

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