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The Way of Tea, Health, Harmony and Inner Calm by Aaron Fisher

The Way of Tea, Health, Harmony and Inner Calm by Aaron Fisher

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The Way of Tea : Health, Harmony, and Inner Calm by Aaron Fisher

Paperback. 272 pages, 32 pages of colour images and black & white illustrations.

Approximate measurements: 13cm x 20.5cm x 2.5cm


Clarity. Health. Peace of mind.
These are the goals of The Way of Tea.

In this book, you will learn more about all aspects of tea ~ from the practical to the spiritual ~ and how they can implement the accompanying ancient traditions into their modern life.

Introducing the wisdom and insights of the Chinese tea masters and distinct practices of the chanoyu or tea ceremony whilst delving into the healthful and holistic benefits of drinking tea.

Gain an appreciation for the meditative properties of tea and tea rituals, by engaging with and incorporating these mindfulness practices, you can journey down a path leading to calm and quietude, marked by a greater self-awareness and presence of mind.

This new edition includes: An in-depth look at the health benefits of tea. A brewing guide for beginners detailing the simple "leaves in a bowl" method and introductions to various tea ceremony styles. Plus photos, prints, and paintings from the author's extensive collection.

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