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Yunomi II by Nicola Gillis

Yunomi II by Nicola Gillis

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Yunomi II by Nicola Gillis

Hand Thrown in East Sussex

Measurements (approximate): 7cm height, 9cm width, 300ml

A splendid hand thrown stoneware yunomi, flecked and speckled clay with a white matt glaze and  pale green glaze dripped around the lip showing a fine crackle and shine. The form is reminiscent of traditional a Matcha Chawan with a wider angular base that’s most pleasing. Around the main band of the cup has an uneven, undulating texture that’s both smooth and rough in places with indents and reliefs adding it’s the rustic feel. Finished with a fine foot ring.
Definitely plenty of textural details, gradients of toasted orange from firing and dark flecks showing, celebrating the natural clay and absolutely beautiful to hold.

Nicola is a Brighton based Ceramicist. Beginning to create with clay in 2013, since then producing functional stoneware with a bold and simplistic approach that serves to create a rustic yet elegant style. Vessels that seek to bridge a connection between maker and user through the unique character of each handmade piece. 2021 sees Nicola currently exploring oxides, dark slips, found clay and local ash. Reflecting natural decay and erosion, exterior elements and ageing patinas out there in the natural world.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

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