We're changing the way we package our tea.

We are big fans of the planet we live on and all the diverse life it supports. Since opening our Tea Shop we have been concerned about the packaging we use and the impact it has on the environment. We have been exploring alternatives and are finally able to implement a more sustainable option.

The problem... Until now our packaging has been either foil/plastic lined paper or biodegradable plant based plastic lined paper. Whilst both look good neither are sustainable, as neither are recyclable - and with foil/plastic taking up to 1000 years to breakdown and biodegradable plastics needing specialised environments to return to a natural state we have chosen tin caddies as the best solution.

The solution... The unrivalled proper storage for your tea being solid, durable, air-tight & light-tight. Tins are also endlessly reusable and (when the time comes) completely recyclable in ALL household recycling collections up and down the country, just like a tin of soup or a can of beans!

The overall environmental impact... The initial production of tins does have a heavier manufacturing footprint than plastics, however the reusable and recyclable nature in this situation still makes this a more favourable option than the throwaway nature and multiple contributions to landfill that the foil/plastic options encourage.

The future... Visit us to refill your caddy in store! For regular drinkers of our House Blends and House Favourites we are introducing larger Caddies so you can also help us send less waste to landfill without any added cost to you - even if we're posting out to you further afield.

We hope to be able to adopt and develop further sustainable practices as our business grows , we will be keeping a close watch on new environmental information and industry developments to ensure we are always offering the best possible care for the planet and your tea.


Thank you for your patience and understanding, we know change is hard.

Pez & Jane

The House of Hope & Mercy in the Jungle