We're absolutely nuts about a fine brew, tea is our inspiration.

This is the essence of our ethos;

  • Respect the tea, the world of tea is old and vast and filled with hidden gems.
  • Seek out the best leaves by working with the most interesting and extraordinary growers, producers and suppliers, who are proper people (not corporations) just like you and I.
  • Keep it loose. Encourage the free movement of tea leaves, you will be rewarded with flavours beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Share the information - because Tea's like fine whiskies or wine, its whole character is influenced by its environment - soil, elevation, climate.
  • Be kind. This is our ethical and sustainable practice, whether its people or environment we only want our impact on our universe to be positive. From building relationships with our suppliers, customers, friends & family to our packaging and everyday utilities, damn it, you've got to be kind.

Join us, go forth and drink tea. Everyday!