Anji Bai Cha ~ Premium
Anji Bai Cha ~ Premium
Anji Bai Cha ~ Premium

Anji Bai Cha ~ Premium

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Anji Bai Cha // Anji White Tea // Premium Grade // 2021
Green Tea
From Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China.

25g Caddy
Zero Waste Refill (in store collection only at present)

We are very excited to be offering an Anji Bai Cha once more, after our first offering back when we opened the Tea shop, it received a great response quickly becoming a favourite of many. So here we are  this time round a Premium Grade quality Anji that does not disappoint, it looks absolutely amazing, bright green leaves and yellow tones with long fine needle like form. Lush tones of a yellowish green once brewed with a delicate light yellow colour to the cup boasting sweet savoury notes and super fresh perfumes. Such an exquisitely fresh and clean flavour with a soft lingering sweetness.

This tea is often classified as either green tea or white tea as it sits somewhere between the two. Cultivated near the Hangzhou area, this is a rare tea thats carefully hand processed using traditional methods. It has a very short spring harvest time of approximately just 30 days before the leaves begin to green more so. Harvested in Spring’21 from tea bushes grown at around 1200m elevation using a tea cultivar of which shares its name.

The origins of the teas 'mother' plant were set down in an ancient text around 900 years ago concerning a white/jade leafed tea bush. It was thought of as just a legend until the early 80s, when a white bush was found in Anji County, experts believe this was indeed the aforementioned tea plant and started cultivation.
Anji Bai Cha is a traditional gift tea and is given on special occasions in China.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 teaspoon (3-4g)
Water 70 - 80*c / 300ml
Brew time 1-2 minutes
Re-infuse leaves 2 - 3 times to personal taste.

Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style:
Tea 3 teaspoons (8g of tea)
Water/Temp 100ml / 80*c
Brew time 1st a quick hot rinse of leaves, pour away, 15-30 seconds for infusions thereafter
Re-infuse leaves to personal taste, like 4 - 6 times.

Anji Bai Cha ~ Premium