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Bamboo Tea Reservoir

Bamboo Tea Reservoir

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Bamboo Tea Reservoir

Approximate measurements:
Small: 22cm length x 12cm width x 4cm depth.
Large: 35cm length x 22cm width x 6cm depth.

These Tea Reservoirs, often simply called a Tea Tray are excellent modern alternatives to the traditional tea table arrangement for tea ceremony or casual gong fu style brewing. Made from quality bamboo these will elevate your tea rituals and allow brewing with ease.

The reservoir collects the waste water in the lower portion when you preheat and rinse your vessels or rinse tea leaves to awaken them before drinking. The slated lid is removable making it easy and convenient to empty and clean.

The large size can accommodate a gaiwan, jug and two tea bowls.
The small size, a gaiwan and jug or a gaiwan and tea bowl.

These are super portable too, small and light enough to take with you on a tea adventure for some outdoor brewing or over to a friends.
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