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Chawan by Joseph Ludkin

Chawan by Joseph Ludkin

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Chawan by Joseph Ludkin

Hand Thrown & Hand Carved in Yorkshire

Approximate measuements: 
11.5cm height x 12cm width

This impressively deep, large walled Chawan is truly incredible. Its bold appearance and texture with a wabi sabi feel, elemental qualities and substance connecting you with the natural world, like carved out of rock to cradle in your hands satisfyingly. Formed with an aesthetic beauty to equal its functionality. Full of character and epic sculptural qualities.

Crafted from a blend of black, grogged and wild clays to create further strength to the form whilst enhancing the texture. The vessel has been created through a combination of wheel thrown and hand carved kurinuki processes. Finished with a carved angular foot and smooth lip. Energetic strokes of white slip are applied. Then a semi transparent glaze thats sits between a Buncheong style and Nuka style has been applied to accent edges allowing the darker body and slip to come through. On the surface, a beautiful blue grey tone is achieved with painterly strokes and crosses of pale white slip to contrast.

Joseph Ludkin creates functional hand thrown stoneware vessels and ceramic pieces that seek to reflect the locality and history of his surroundings through the practical application and combination of locally dug clays and silts to form and ash from organic sources of wood, rock and minerals to mix into unique glazes. Joseph views this approach as a ‘folkloric study of the bond between people and place.’ His practice and exploration is led by the fundamental feeling of joy and connection it brings with the tactile processes and natural creative playfulness of making.
 Based in Rainton, North Yorkshire having set up and running the Croft Pottery where he produces his work and also tutors.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

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