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Cherry Blossom, Salty & Plum Vinegar Sakura, 2023

Cherry Blossom, Salty & Plum Vinegar Sakura, 2023

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Cherry Blossom // Salty Sakura
Salted Japanese Flowers

Botanical // Tisane
From Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kantō Region, Honshu Island, Japan.
50g Tin
Naturally Caffeine Free!

The flavour of Spring preserved with salt and plum vinegar! We are delighted to be offering this deliciously delicate tisane. Superbly soft pink Cherry Blossom flowers, an amazing floral display as the petals unfurl revealing a light and smooth infusion. Offering a mild saltiness, gentle floral fragrances and marine undertones. A real balance of flavours through bright cherry fruit florals to soft savoury salty tones, unique umami and fruity plum notes, the latter long lasting on the palate. Salted Sakura is common in Japan, often enjoyed at weddings and special occasions.  It makes a great addition to Sencha or its when paired with a sweet treat, even as a cold brew making for a very refreshing infusion.

The flower blossoms are plucked and harvested in the Odawara area between late March and early April. The preparation and production stages include a wash, soak and rinse, stem sorting, drying and salted, the blossoms are mixed with Ume plum vinegar and left to infuse for 3-4 weeks, then stored in wooden cases to ensure freshness throughout the coming year.

Odawara town is located within the Ashigara Plains, in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture. Close to the neighbouring Sakawa River & Hakone Mountains. Odawara, A picturesque seaside town overlooking the Pacific Sagami Bay.

Recommended Brewing in a Glass Teapot
Brew Guide Per Cup:
Blossoms to taste, Before you brew, soak the Cherry Blossom to wash salt preserve away for a few minutes.
Water 100*c // 300ml
Brew time 1 minute
Re-infuse to personal taste.

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