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Fans Tea Caddy

Fans Tea Caddy

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Fans Tea Caddy
Stainless Steel & Washi Paper

Approximate measurements:
Small: 10cm height x 6.5cm width, 80g
Large: 15.5cm height x 7.5cm width, 150g

A classic style of tea caddy with a Japanese design. Beautifully depicted are a flurry of fans, black and blue tones giving a sense that they’re tumbling to the ground with striking white lines.

A stylish round caddy in which to store your tea, complete with an inner lid, keeping your leaves super fresh, wrapped in washi paper giving a distinct look and tactile feel.

Capacity dependent on leaf size and leaf shape.
Ideal for long term storage of your leaves and great for refills!
You can bring your caddy back in store as we offer most of our teas as a zero waste refill option.

Pictures show sizes for comparison, please note each caddy is only available in 2 sizes.

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