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FORLIFE ‘fuji’ Glass Teapot

FORLIFE ‘fuji’ Glass Teapot

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FORLIFE ‘fuji’ Glass Teapot
Approximate measurements: 10cm height x 11.5cm width (14cm incl. spout & handle) 510ml (18oz).

These glass teapots are absolutely great quality and very robust.  Along with their Stump teapots, FORLIFE have created one of the best glass teapot we’ve had the pleasure of using. Designed with loose leaf teas and botanicals infusions in mind, proudly showing off the variety of leaf, herb and floral displays during brewing. Soon to become a household favourite of many, due to their ease of everyday use.

A modern form, that’s stylish and compact, holding around 500ml or 2 - 2.5 cups making them ideal for a solo tea drinker or tea for two.

It has a lovely pour from its short spout and an in-built filter with extra fine holes located on the lid with a tightly fitting silicone seal. It's so portable we’ve even taken it out on camping trips before now.

Borosilicate glass, silicone & stainless steel


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