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Roasted Green Tea
From Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture, Honshu Island Japan

40g Tin
Low Waste Refill (compostable bag) with discount code: REFILL

This tea is organically grown! Low in caffeine!

Made from Bancha leaves and stem, processed then roasted creating short twisted leaf and stem with a tree bark appearance and colour. Satisfyingly heavy roasted, woody aroma to the dry leaf. Once brewed the wet leaves are far darker browns and deep olive hues with a slick appearance, giving sweet stone fruit aroma and of course roasted notes are there. A thick tea soup, peach in colour. A rich and smooth flavour with lasting light sweetness and deeper roasty notes. A very warming and comforting cup especially suitable for the evening drinking. Its fast becoming a personal favourite!

The Bancha used to make this Hojicha has been grown in full sun, unshaded cultivation and harvested in June. Then undergone light steaming, rolling and roasting process. 
During the roasting process the leaves are subjected to high tempertures which withdraws the majority of caffeine present in the leaves.

Wazuka is a tea town in the southeastern area of Kyoto Prefecture. Wazuka has been a tea growing location since the Kamakura period as a main producer following Uji tea processing methods. It is thought that the Kaijūsen-ji temple introduced tea to the area and Zen Buddhist monk, Shonin Jishin was the first to cultivate tea on Mt Jubu and then in Wazuka.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 teaspoon (3-4g)
Water 80ºc / 300ml
Brew time 1-2 minutes
Re-infuse leaves 2 - 3 times to personal taste.

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