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House Blends Tea Tasting Selection

House Blends Tea Tasting Selection

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House Blends Tea Tasting Selection


Our small collection of classic blends are all hand blended in super small batches, by just the two of us here in our Devon studio. We develop our own recipes carefully selecting leaves & balancing flavours to create our very own fine whole leaf artisan blends.

Showcasing four of our artisan blends from our collection, a unique curated selection of fine whole leaf teas. Great as a gift for any tea lover, beginner, the curious or budding connoisseur, an ideal companion for any tea journey. You will receive between 40-50 grams of each tea (depending on leaf size) to compare and contrast. All contained in a beautifully constructed, hand packed and embellished presentation box with a tea information leaflet including tasting notes and provenance.

House Blends Tea Tasting Selection includes:

Jungle Brew, English Breakfast Blend,
Exeter Blend, Afternoon Black Tea,
Earl Grey, Scented Black Tea,
San Lorenzo Fog, Russian Caravan Blend,

This is a great opportunity to sample and taste these fine teas side by side, exploring the vast varieties of tea types and flavour profiles.

(Images: as we regularly change and curate each small batch run of tasting selections, the images shown are to give an idea of the presentation only)

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