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Maté Calabash

Maté Calabash

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Maté Calabash // Yerba Maté Gourd

A natural calabash gourd is the traditional brewing vessel to enjoy Yerba Maté in South America. Gourds have been used this way since ancient times. Coupled with a Bombilla for a perfect drinking experience. Each unique in size shape and appearance. (min 4cm⌀ at opening)

To season and prepare the gourd for the first time:
Fill 1/3 full with mate, pour in hot water,
Then rest for 2-3 hours so the gourd absorbs the essence of the maté,
Empty the gourd and gently scape the interior, removing any loose fibres.
Rinse and dry.

Never wash with soaps as it will taint the gourd, just rinse with water.

Brew Guide

Place Yerba leaves into your gourd until 1/2 to 3/4 full. 

Shaking lightly and tilting it around in order to help coat the interior with leaf.

Remain holding your gourd at a tilt allowing the leaves to gather on one side. 

Pour in a small amount of cool water into the gap the other side of where the leaves rest, the leaves will absorb, awakening the leaves and ensuring you won’t burn the leaves.

Place your bombilla at an angle inside, hooking the filter about under the leaves, being sure not to move it around as you fill with water. 

Pour in 70-80ºc hot water and sip through your bombilla. 

*it is customary to consume the infusion in one sitting. 
Then top up and enjoy again, usually up to 10 times or when the leaves flavour has finished.

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