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Milk Oolong, Jin Xuan

Milk Oolong, Jin Xuan

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Milk Oolong  // Jin Xuan

Oolong Tea

From San Ming, Ilan County, Taiwan.

50g Tin


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This tea is organically grown!

Large rolled, balled leaves with tones of rich forest green and golden flecks giving smooth sweet aromas. Great clarity and vibrant tone to the tea soup giving an exceptional full and thick quality with sweetness in abundance. Smooth milky mouthfeel and delicious buttery flavour with touches of fragrant orchid and rich in fruity notes. A great milk oolong that punches above its weight.

Cultivated in a region not widely known for tea production. Grown at an elevation around 300m using Jin Xuan cultivar. Harvested in Spring, after picking the leaves undergo careful processing, at a 35% oxidisation level, all done at the tea garden. With great skill, following traditional techniques to produce a quality small batch tea.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)
Water 90*c // 300ml
Time 2 minutes
Reinfuse leaves up to 2-3 infusions.
Brew Guide Gong fu Style For Gaiwan:

Tea - 3-5g
Water - 95*c // 100ml
Brew time - 1st infusion 30sec, 2nd infusion 45 sec, 3rd infusion 60sec, Increasing by 5-10 secs thereafter.
Reinfuse leaves up to 4-5 infusions.

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