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Misao Matcha Whisk Holder by Shigehiko Kawakita

Misao Matcha Whisk Holder by Shigehiko Kawakita

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Misao Matcha Whisk Holder by Shigehiko Kawakita
Handblown Glass in Nara, Japan
Approximate measuements: 9cm height x 6cm width (base - 5cm, opening - 3cm)

A skilfully and carefully crafted glass blown Tea Whisk holder or Chasen Yasume produced individually full of character and beauty, it’s truly unique. The finer details and clarity gives it such style and elegance that when it catches the light brings so much joy. Its artist given name Misao communicates a feeling much like a strong focus, one of faithfulness and support. Resting the Chasen with a comfortable fit, the Chasen holder will restore your Chasen to its curved form and extend its longevity.

Shigehiko Kawakita is a highly skilled award winning glass artisan. Studying and producing works in Nara prefecture for many years, in 2015 he created Nara Glass Blowing Studio and from there continues to draw acclaim with his modern perspective to glass art.

Each Tea Whisk Holder is handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and finish will occur.

Complete with presentation box.

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