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Phoenix Spring Snow Honey Orchid

Phoenix Spring Snow Honey Orchid

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Phoenix Spring Snow Honey Orchid // Fenghuang Chun Xue Mi Lan Xiang
Dark Roasted Dancong Oolong
From Fenghuang Mountain, Wu Dong Village, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China.

25g Tin
Low Waste Refill (compostable bag) with discount code: REFILL
This tea is organically grown!

Dark brown, tight and lightly twisted leaves give a natural sweet honey aroma, once brewed fruity and delicate orchid aromas are revealed on the very aromatic wet leaves. The tea soup is a bright golden yellow in colour. A smooth, sweet, fruity taste of peaches and rounded depth of toasted rice with a complex mouthfeel giving a lasting combination of florals and honey sweetness.

Harvested in Spring, at approximately 400m elevation, picking 2-3 half matured leaves from tea bushes of a Shui Xian cultivar that are around 60 years old grown on Phoenix Mountain, with a light level roasting and twice charcoal baked using the most traditional processes by Tea Master Song Lin & family.

'Dancong' meaning Single Bush, traceable back to a single bush/tree or group of bushes/trees.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 teaspoon (3g)
Water 80-85*c // 300ml
Time 2-3 minutes
Reinfuse leaves x 3 to personal taste.

Brew Guide - Gong Fu Style:
Tea 6-8g
Water per 100ml
At 95*c for the rinse & 1st infusion,
90*c for the following 3 infusions,
85*c when the leaves have fully opened up.
Time 20 seconds + recommended but adjust to personal taste.

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