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Japanese Green Tea
From Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture, Honshu Island, Japan

50g Caddy
Low Waste Refill (compostable bag) with discount code: REFILL

This tea is organically grown!

A delicious classic Sencha, long and slender needles rich forest green tones with verdant flecks, giving a full and pleasant buttery sweet aroma, the damp leaves open with a sweet gentle marine aroma. The tea soup is a clear vibrant green with a thick body but gentle experience. Smooth and light umami flavour - well balanced and very easy drinking.

This Sencha has been grown using the Yabukita cultivar planted in full sun, unshaded cultivation and harvested in May. Then undergone light steaming, rolling and drying process.

Wazuka is a tea town in the southeastern area of Kyoto Prefecture. Wazuka has been a tea growing location since the Kamakura period as a main producer following Uji tea processing methods. It thought that the Kaijūsen-ji temple introduced tea to the area and Zen Buddhist monk, Shonin Jishin was the first to cultivate tea on Mt Jubu and then in Wazuka.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 teaspoon (3-4g)
Water 80*c / 300ml
Brew time 1-2 minutes
Re-infuse leaves 2 - 3 times to personal taste.

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