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Shiratake Chashaku, White Bamboo Matcha Scoop by Suikaen | Yasaburo Tanimura

Shiratake Chashaku, White Bamboo Matcha Scoop by Suikaen | Yasaburo Tanimura

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Shiratake Chashaku, White Bamboo Matcha Scoop by Suikaen | Yasaburo Tanimura
Handmade in Takayama, Nara, Japan
Approximate measuements: 18.5cm

We’re very honoured to be working with the Japanese Chasen Artisans of Suikaen | Yasaburo Tanimura. Suikaen | Yasaburo Tanimura has inherited the leading technique of more than 500 years of history of Chasen making, continuously crafted from generation to generation. Headed by 25th generation Master Craftman Yasaburo Tanimura.

A fine Shiratake White Bamboo Chashaku, skilfully hand crafted with great care. Perfect for measuring the an amount of Matcha powder. An essential tool for Matcha & tea ceremony practice crafted to the utmost quality that will give great longevity in use.

Each Chashaku is handcrafted and unique, created using 100% natural authentic Japanese bamboo. Following traditional knowledge and techniques from ancient times.

Made in the popular Nakabushi style (middle node style) from seasoned Hachiku : Henon White Bamboo. Chosen for its natural surface quality being dense and fine and easy to break. Its regarded the most suitable bamboo for making Chasen and Utensils.

The 3 year old bamboo is cut and boiled to remove natural oils inside. Then during January & February the cold bamboo is sun dried in the fields where the overnight temperature drops to near 0ºc. During this time the bamboo will tighten as well as the colour of the bamboo will change from green to milky white due to the UV rays of the sunlight. When the bamboo is dried, it is seasoned for 2 to 3 years, this is to increase the flexibility & durability of bamboo becoming good quality material for crafting.

Almost all of Japan's tea whisk production is done in Takayama, Nara.
Takayama has a long history of Chasen and tea ceremony utensil production going back to the Muromachi period (1333-1568). This is impart due to the natural alpine climate being so beneficial to Chasen making & Bamboo production.

Each Chashaku is natural, handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and finish will occur.

Artist Portraits used with kind permission from Suikaen | Yasaburo Tanimura

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