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Silver Needle 2024

Silver Needle 2024

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Silver Needle // Bai Hao Yin Zhen 

White Tea

from Fo zi Mountain Zheng he County, Fujian Province, China.

25g Caddy


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This tea is organically grown!

An exquisite tea comprising of soft plump downy silver buds, that have vibrant greens, beautiful greys and whites giving an amazingly bright, freshly cut grass aroma. The pale soup is a soft, sweet, creamy flavour. the flavour will develop over a short time becoming a smoother, thicker taste with a rich, mellow flavour.

Grown at around 800m using the Da Bai (Big White) cultivar. Harvested early Spring, with just single buds are picked. The buds are then processed with great care by the Chen Family following traditional methods. Sun drying techniques are used to retain the freshness of the spring leaves, due to the gentle natural oxidisation, this results in high levels of antioxidants remaining in the leaves.

The Fo zi Mountain Tea garden is considered a wild garden in which the tea bushes are scattered throughout a variety of trees and forest area. Because of this environment a days tea picking will be around 2-2.5kg of buds from a single skilled picker, the 2.5kg of freshly picked buds/leaves can then only produce 500g of finished tea. Making this harvest a smaller batch process and therefore a specialty rare tea, the carefully picked and skilfully processed buds create a delightful finished tea indeed.

Brew Guide Per Cup:

Tea - 1 teaspoon (3g)

Water - 80ºc // 300ml

Brew time - 2 minutes

Reinfuse leaves x 2 to personal taste

Like with many White teas the flavours within the leaves become more pronounced as the water temperature cools.

Brew Guide - Gong Fu Style for Gaiwan

Tea 5g

Water 100ml / 75-80ºc

Time 20 seconds + adjust to personal taste

Reinfuse x 4-6 times

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