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Tea Strainer by Raz | Maker

Tea Strainer by Raz | Maker

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Tea Strainer by Raz | Maker

Handmade in Cornwall

Approximate measurements: 11cm x 5cm

Available with either Thin, Round or Regular loop handles.

There’s something special about the combination of qualities in Raz’s work, delicate and refined, yet solid and balanced, the perfect pairing of beauty and function.

A hand formed Tea strainer made of brass and riveted with eco silver, skilfully crafted with great care, each rivet unique, and proportions perfect, creating a stunning aesthetic and contrast. The small form of the strainer is the ideal size to sit over a cup and catch stray leaves as you serve.

Or as we were delighted to discover during our morning gongfu tea sessions, they rest over a serving jug, cha hai or gong dao bei and beautifully complement the surrounding teawares on your tea table. These are amazing to use and admire.

We’re offering a selection of styles, strainers with either thin, round or regular loop handles.

Rebecca Rasmussen is a designer-maker going under the moniker of Raz | Maker. Working with brass and recycled silver. Using traditional tools and techniques to create elegant and distinctive tableware from her home studio in Penryn, Cornwall. Raz’s work is a true celebration of simplicity and beauty of form and function, created with great care and attention to detail.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and finish will occur.

Care guide will be included.

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