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Tea : Wine's Sober Sibling by Mariëlla Erkens

Tea : Wine's Sober Sibling by Mariëlla Erkens

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Tea : Wine's Sober Sibling by Mariëlla Erkens

Hardback. 292 pages, 180 colour Illustrations

Approximate measurements: 18cm x 25cm x 3cm 


Tea: Wine’s Sober Sibling is an in-depth guide into the myriad possibilities of pairing tea, and preparing tea, for connoisseurs and beginners alike. It is both a handbook and a cookbook with over 70 original recipes, each with mouthwatering pictures and three matching tea suggestions. In chapters that explore the relationship and pairing of tea and cheese, tea and chocolate, and tea in mixed drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), you will learn how to use tea as an ingredient for cooking through easy-to-follow recipes.

Various methods of steeping tea are covered, and readers will learn how to easily prepare tea for everyday enjoyment, the best practices for restaurant use, and more advanced, intricate methods for the experienced tea lover. Take a deep dive into the world of tea and food pairings with close to 300 pages brimming with information.

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