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Teabowl by Jack Worpole

Teabowl by Jack Worpole

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Teabowl by Jack Worpole
Hand Thrown in Cornwall
Approximate measurements: 6.5cm height x 7.5cm width. 150ml.

Short and wide footed tea bowl, holding nicely in the hand with a decent weight. Skilfully and carefully crafted from stoneware Cornish clay. A balanced form with straight walls, rounded lip and high foot ring. Banding around the bowl is a carved motif reminiscent of grasses moving in the breeze, very tactile feel too. Glazed with Tenmoku, giving an olive green, brownish tone that really highlights the spiral pattern inside. The base shows the raw clay a beautiful grey and orange contrast.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

Jack Worpole is a self taught ceramicist based at Chy Gwynn Pottery in Cusgarne, Cornwall. Producing stoneware works from gas firing and wood firing. Recently firing with fellow Ceramicist, John Mackenzie using an Anagama kiln. that takes a lengthy firing time of 40 - 50 hours fuelled by local pine wood, creating some amazing and truly unique effects from this intense process.

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