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Tenmoku Teapot (1-2 cup) by Jack Welbourne

Tenmoku Teapot (1-2 cup) by Jack Welbourne

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Tenmoku Teapot by Jack Welbourne
Hand Thrown in Wales
Approximate measurements: 12cm height x 9cm width (21cm handle-spout). 500ml, 1-2 cups.

This is the same Tenmoku glaze, this time around the glaze appears with more red tones.

Beautifully crafted stoneware teapot, made from Cornish clay with a deep rich tenmoku glaze, creating a dark smooth glossy surface with many complementing tones of burnt umber that define the contours and edges in a painterly way. The interior is spacious and of a rich satin coppery tone. A satisfying balance of weight and proportion is created through a classic globe style form that rises to a gentle domed lid with a comfortable back handle and balanced spout that enjoys a great pouring action. A small size teapot, 1-2 cups, making it perfect for a solo drinker or plus one.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

Jack Welbourne produces an array of hand thrown stoneware tableware, following traditional techniques and principles fused with Eastern ideas and approaches made popular by Bernard Leach. From this Jack achieves a unique and contemporary style by way of his mark making, application and overall form. Creating work with an individual energy that enriches its functional use.
In 2017 Jack set up One Wall Studio, all work is produced from his studio there.

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