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The Story of Japanese Tea by Tyas Sōsen

The Story of Japanese Tea by Tyas Sōsen

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The Story of Japanese Tea : a broad outline of its cultivation, manufacturing, history and cultural values // by Tyas Sōsen

Paperback. 218 pages.

Approximate measurements: 15cm x 23cm x 2cm


This detailed study of Japanese tea is a culmination of over twelve years and on going of active tea practice, experience and study of the traditions in the heart of Uji. Together with many visits to and conversations with tea producers in Japan, communicating the realities and challenges of a modern day tea industry.

Gathering information that creates a truthful and open account of the industry, the experience and understanding of tea. Bringing this information to an international platform to be shared.

Tyas Sōsen is a qualified instructor in the way of tea as taught by the Enshū school and is a certified Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) instructor. Setting up The Tea Crane, a Tea house in Kyoto as a space to promote a positive and enriched life, looking at tea as an inspiration at the centre.

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