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The Teabowl : East and West by Bonnie Kemske

The Teabowl : East and West by Bonnie Kemske

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The Teabowl : East and West by Bonnie Kemske

Hardback. 160 pages, 100 colour images.

Approximate measurements: 28.5cm x 22.5cm x 2cm


The teabowl has become an iconic form in contemporary ceramics. Having travelled from Japan, where it was an inherent part of chanoyu, or tea ceremony, it has evolved and adapted to become something very different in the West. Revered for its associations of its past and it’s connotations of sophistication and simplicity, the teabowl enjoys an elevated status.

Bonnie Kemske looks at the form as a whole, considering the history and ideas behind the original tea ceremony: how it moved into contemporary ceramics, and the way it is used today. She explores the wide range of teabowls, from traditional ones to those being made not for the tearoom but for the gallery, as well as introducing the international potters making them.

Exploring how has the concept of the teabowl changed as it has been reinvented in contemporary ceramics.

This book is wide in scope, thorough in detail and essential reading for anyone involved in making or using these tactile objects.
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