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Wood Fired Tea Bowl by Popalini & Jezando

Wood Fired Tea Bowl by Popalini & Jezando

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Wood Fired Tea Bowl by Popalini & Jezando
Hand Thrown in Devon
Approximate measurements: 6.5cm height x 11cm width. 180ml.

A beautifully formed footed Tea Bowl made from Cornish clay and wood fired with an iron coating and soda added during firing. The wider and deeper form sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand or held with both hands.

An amazing metallic shine with tones of copper, blending red oxides, orange blushes and dark flecks with mottled blacks and greys of soda towards the lip and centre, the soda creating an smooth orange peel texture, the overall surface is more tactile with many finer granular corrugations. Decorated with iron wash making for a contrasting spontaneous stroke of colour. A truly vibrant and warming vessel.

Popalini & Jezando are a collaborative creative force, with a studio on the Devon/Cornwall border, North Devon. Creating functional hand thrown stoneware pieces that are both contemporary yet steeped in ancient traditions of the area.

Each handmade and unique, therefore slight variations in shape, size and glaze will occur. Handwash recommended.

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