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Woodfired Kyusu by Linda Unsworth

Woodfired Kyusu by Linda Unsworth

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Woodfired Kyusu by Linda Unsworth

Hand Thrown in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Approx: 250ml

A beautiful wood fired porcelaneous clay Kyusu. An excellent pour and balanced weight and proportion. Intentionally left unglazed creating an aesthetic of simplicity and calmness whilst also serving to highlight the natural beauty of the clay. Soft flame flashes blend with light and dark grey tones on the surface with a soft shine. Within complex granite inclusions create an interesting natural speckling, and its smooth feel making it a comfort to hold and joy to use.

One off piece. Handwash recommended.

Based in North Pembrokeshire, producing work from her home studio.
Linda is a self taught potter, who enjoys the meditative experience that’s created by working with such natural elements as raw clay, glazes and the rhythm of her momentum wheel. Producing beautiful wood fired ceramics that really highlight this long process leaving visible traces of flame flashes and fly ash on her pots. Her approach to the form and style of her work is inspired by her natural surroundings and informed by Eastern aesthetics through traditional Japanese & Korean pottery and philosophy and her love of tea drinking.

Photography & Artist Portraits used with kind permission from Linda Unsworth + Portrait by Rhi Ellis "One Hundred and Eight" wild clay project (a fundraiser for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales)

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