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Dian Hong Red Pagoda

Dian Hong Red Pagoda

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Dian Hong Red Pagoda
Black Tea
From Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Southern Yunnan Province, China.
50g Tin
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Beautifully hand crafted Dian Hong Golden Needle leaves, skilfully shaped and tied into the ‘Red Pagoda’ conical form. Benefitting from an early spring picking, capturing the leaves as bright and shiny with the fresh yellow, golden downiness and accompanying fresh honey aromas. A flowering style tea that once brewing unfurls to a flower formation with marvellous visual effect, giving an amazingly full flavour of rich honey sweetness and great depth of Dian Hong character.

The tea soup is a clear, vibrant amber tone offering fresh honey like malts and hints of high floral aromatics. The flavour is a smooth, rounded and full of warming honey sweetness that deepens to malty fruits and rich chocolatey notes giving a smooth and thick mouthfeel with a refreshing lasting flavour. Like other hand tied leaves and compressed teas, with Red Pagoda, being a tightly formed tea it would make a great tea to travel with, easy to carry and brew in situ.

A tea of high quality harvested in early Spring from tea trees grown at 1250m, picking just two leaves and a bud of the Yunnan Big Leaf variety. Following traditional methods; first picked, carefully processed, pan fired, rolled then shaped and skilfully hand tied before drying.

Produced in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture in the far south of Yunnan bordering Burma’s Shan State, Menghai, a County and Prefecture famous for long producing quality Puerh Tea. Using the native Menghai Da Ye or Big Leaf variety, tea producers diversified into the production of Dian Hong starting in the 1930s with production methods influenced by earlier Keemun processes in Anhui. It has since become a favourite style of Red/Black Tea across China due to its unique and distinctive taste, high quality bright, golden downiness, high aroma and sweet honey like, fruity and malty character.

Red Pagoda is of traditional origin dating back many years and because of this is referred to with multiple titles such as Gold Wire or Gold Silk Pagoda, Black or Golden Needle, or even Black Tower Pagoda.

One Pagoda equals one serving for a tea session: It can be brewed in glass teaware to maximum its visual effect, the hand tied Pagoda opens up giving a beautiful flowering display in the water similar to other flowering teas but with a richer flavourful taste due to the high quality nature of the leaves.

Brew Guide Per Cup:
Tea 1 Pagoda
Water 90ºc / 300ml
Brew time 2 minutes
Re-infuse leaves 2 - 3 times to personal taste.

Brew Guide ~ Gong Fu Style:
Tea 1 Pagoda
Water/Temp 100ml / 90ºc
Brew time 1st a quick hot rinse of leaves, pour away, 15-30 seconds for infusions thereafter
Re-infuse leaves to personal taste, like 4 - 6 times.

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